Wondering what to expect before, during and after your session?

Incredible amounts of movement, intimate moments, adventure, lots of laughter, sometimes poppin’ some bubbly or toasting with a delicious bold rock (my fave)! If we work together, then just know that we are going to have an unforgettable time.! The people I work with, like myself are down for a new experience which means going above and beyond the normal, lighthearted, passionate and fill up on connection. We hike for the most epic views to get the best shot, take a dip in the nearest river, chase the most beautiful waterfalls, all while dancing, strolling and laughing under the beautiful sunset, at your stunning venue, or in your warm and loving home.

If you are moved by sentiment

If you cling tight to memories

If you want to see your life's beauty through the eyes of an artist...

settle in and look around.


My purpose at each session is to utilize light, movement, and your surroundings to document a story of the sacred passage of time in this current stage of your life as a parent or parent-to-be. I observe your family and focus intently on the emotions, the relationships, all the tenderness and familiarity that your heart wants to tuck away forever. I strive to create art--in stills and motion--that embodies the spirit of each family whom I come to know through planning for our session and our time together. 

My style is photojournalistic, honoring natural moments and organic connections. My approach consistently yields beautiful, timeless images and videos that will always bring you right back to your days as a parent, while preserving the raw and innocent beauty of your children.

When you are looking for a photographer, the experience is really what makes the session so memorable and enjoyable.