I'm Kails!

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I am so happy to have you here!

Born and raised in Tacoma, WA with my heart stuck in Atlanta, GA- living in Charlottesville,  capturing life's bliss in honor of my late Aunt Carolyn. 

If I'm not behind my camera, I am probably doing one of the following: working with the family I nanny for, enjoying time with friends, hanging out at Darden Towe with my sweet Boxer Bella, who we rescued summer 2017 at the FSPCA, at home in my zen room experiencing life upside down #yogaeverydamnday, or probably watching New Girl or Vice with my high school sweetheart, Malcolm who I am now married to as of August 2018! 

At night when I can't sleep, I like to grab a good paperback book (or word search) and smell the pages as they turn, almost always with a cup of yogi tea in my favorite "no drama for this llama" mug , purchased from my favorite store, TJ Maxx! 

When Malcolm isn't busy working in the hospital, we thoroughly enjoy exploring nature together, visiting the downtown mall for the delicious gelato and of course the cool shops. I'm sure our favorite thing to do however, is sitting at home in each others company either playing board games/video games, watching new docu series on Netflix or getting a good laugh from Bob's Burgers or some comedy special we stumbled upon. 

My favorite things to do when my friends are in town is go to BRUNCH, because mimosas, yuum! Oh! and I can't forget game nights! Those are big deal among my friend group.


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me! I'd love to learn about you and who you are, so lets set up a time for us to grab a cup of coffee (or wine), or even email and connect! 

I look forward to capturing you and your family's bliss!