Yup! You read that correctly! I, the photographer of Kindred Souls Artistry, am transitioning to become a full time documentary and wedding photographer by October 2019! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! *insert Seth Rogen excited scream gif here*

A couple of months ago, I posted on my personal instagram and facebook that I did something that frightens me, yet excites me at the same time. Most of 2017 and all of 2018, I would tell my loved ones that I plan to go full time and come up with a reason as to why I wasn’t yet, however the idea has always been a well known goal of mine. Now looking back, I realized I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to take on the business role, I wasn’t ready to accept that being a professional photographer means you spend 80% of your time doing business and 20% actually behind your camera. I wasn’t ready to accept that the passion and drive I have ultimately make me a better artist each time I pick up my camera, and I was scared! Scared of putting myself out there, scared of not being “good enough”, scared of messing up... To put it simply, I just wasn’t ready. After taking time to look inward and learn about who I am, love and acceptance, I created a space to grow as an individual, and boy did I grow! I grew so much that at a time I thought I wasn’t ready, I continued to pick up my camera and take on jobs. I was searching for jobs, creating jobs for myself, I was craving to be the photographer I knew I could become. So, starting November 2018, though I had no goal or vision in mind to be a full time photographer while I was still living in Charlottesville, I worked my ass off to develop and learn EVERYTHING, so that when my husband and I find our new home once he graduates medical school, I could finally enter the entrepreneur world with my trusty camera and people skills! 

Wellllllllll…. Things have changed. The more I immersed myself in the world of photography, the more I wanted to pursue my dream full time! I have a stable job as a nanny with incredibly smart, funny and loving twins, so it took me a few months to think about what I really want to do. Working with children has been my number one job since I was a child myself because they bring so much joy, new knowledge and adventure to my life. Though, because of the time I’ve spent on myself, I knew it was time to follow a new path, which was honestly one of the most difficult decisions to make. So what did I do? I put me first and started my journey to become full time! 

2019 has been a year of hard work, determination and dedication. I’ve always been persistent, determined and dedicated, but never for something I wanted. The things I used to put my all into were things I THOUGHT I was supposed to do, ultimately pleasing everyone else and not feeling fully satisfied inside. As I learn to follow my heart and deepen my desires, this year has felt the most gratifying, stressful, exciting, joyful, and hardest I can remember! All of the potential others saw in me in middle school and high school that I didn’t feel or see is now coming out! It’s finally here. I see it! I feel it! I am IT! I have found the thing that I want to do with my life! For a long time, I thought it was being a therapist, or a sign language interpreter, when really all I’ve ever wanted to do in life is connect with people and let them know that they’re not alone and that their stories deserve to be told and heard, and I can do that with my camera! I always had an interest in photography and would be the designated photographer at a lot of family events, but I never knew that it was something I could pursue as a career because it was never mentioned to me as an option. So here we are. As my end date quickly approaches with my current family, and the life of the unknown and lots of adventure nears, I am rebranding, doing lots of marketing, learning and preparing. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my style of photography, which is mainly documentary. Because of my love for connection and listening to others about who they are, where they come from, who is important to them, how they got to where they are and where they are going, I have decided to add a new skill set to my life: videography. In addition to photographing weddings, families and hopefully births starting in 2020, I am going to start working on a few video documentary projects in the near future. I am also going to start offering day in the life sessions, and as I already mentioned, birth photography and videography! This will require me to get more camera gear such as lenses and a body, continue paying for education in these fields, market and advertise, and travel! Traveling will be a part of the documentaries I plan to film, and will provide more information about later down the line. 

I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am and will continue to work hard to keep my dream alive! 

So with all of that being said, I am selling my nature photos, because running a business takes a lot of money and I haven’t started my first year full time yet! The proceeds will go to helping my business grow and expand! They will also help fund the purchase of new gear to start the videography process of my business! I am always accepting donations, and if you’re not in the position to financially help with fundraising, I am still asking for your support! Word of mouth recommendations are the best gift or support any photographer can receive! Mentioning to your friends and loved ones that I am available for photography and videography services would be amazing! Additionally, sharing my work, this blog post and my website on your social forms would be greatly appreciated! I will travel all around the U.S., especially if I’m traveling to home, the upper left corner on the map, also known as Washington State! 

Y’all, it has been A LONG journey to get to where I am today, and it is only just beginning, which only makes me more excited to see the places I go. Thank you SO MUCH to each and every person who has played a role in this life adventure and for all of the support and love I’ve received thus far. 

Please take a moment to look at my updated gallery of nature photos! If you need some new wall art or need a gift idea for an upcoming celebration, these pieces would be great to consider! You can purchase these prints straight from your phone, and delivered to your home hassle free. 

Here’s the link and thank you again.

Lots of love,

Kailee Roberson