You're Planning A Wedding! Here are 5 Things To Do

Ok, so your partner popped the big question and now you two are preparing for the biggest day of your life- your wedding day! CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting! If you’re anything like me when I first got engaged, you’re super excited and also wondering what the heck do I do next? There’s so much and it all can become overwhelming, so here is a list of 5 things to do to help get on track for planning your big day!!

  1. First things first, make phone calls and send photos to ALL of your close relatives and friends!

    These are the people you go to during your highest highs and lowest lows. They are your support system and the most important people to tell this life changing news to before posting on social media.

  2. Now that your family and friends know that you’re getting married, it is time to share with the rest of the world!! Change your status everywhere and upload the cutest most exciting photo from your proposal or of the ring so that everyone knows you’re poppin’ the bubbly b/c you found your forever lovey!

  3. Ok, so family and friends know, you shared with all of your social media, so what’s next? Start looking for venues!

    There are several ways you can do this: google search wedding venues in your area, make a profile on or (side note: and a wedding website) to search and contact venues, use your trusty insta app (instagram) to search for wedding venues in your location, and join wedding groups on facebook to ask for vendor recommendations!

  4. Pick a date!

    It doesn’t have to be set in stone, meaning you can have several date ideas. Now, before you choose a random weekend, which could lead to additional stress later on down the line (if you begin to plan a wedding that doesn’t fall in line with your dream wedding), start to think about the type of dress you want to wear. If the dress is sleeveless, then it sounds like a spring or summer wedding may be something to consider. If your dress has sleeves, I’m thinking that may be a fall or winter wedding. Once you are able to narrow that down, start looking for dates between March and August for a spring/summer wedding and September-February for your fall or winter wedding. Once you and your partner come up with a few date ideas you can then follow up with the venues you reached out to and ask if they have your dates available.

  5. Hire the photographer that is going to tell your love story perfectly!

    Choosing a photographer is a very intimate task. Your photographer is going to capture your engagement photos as well as be with you throughout your entire wedding day telling the story of your love that you will cherish forever! This is a huge deal and something to truly invest in. Weddings are incredibly expensive, there’s no denying that, however if there is anything you shouldn’t cut the cost on, it’s your wedding photographer. These photos are going to be one of the most valuable pieces of property you own and cherish for the rest of life!