5 Beautiful Charlottesville Locations For The Adventurous Couple

Oh the joys of engagement photos! The time for you and your love to document your first big event together with the photographer who is most likely going to photograph your big day, helping you turn your story into art for years and years to come.

Your engagement session should be fun, intimate and all about you, the couple! This would be one of the times you would truly want to invest in yourself by splurging on a dream outfit that brings out your personality and makes you feel as confident and comfortable as ever! Want to get your hair and make up done professionally? Do it! I even have a few recommendations I can share with you to make the searching process easier and to eliminate any additional stress, because if we are being honest, we want this process to be as stress free as possible, and it totally can be!

If you’re a couple who loves the outdoors and likes to adventure, I have a few engagement locations that may spark your interest, starting with:

  • The Saunders Monticello Trail

    This trail is definitely a hot spot in Charlottesville, for very good reasons! There’s the main trail that will lead you to the top of the mountain, and several paths off of the main trail that leads you to seclusion and the magical greenery that makes this location so wonderful. Between the open fields, tall trees, leafy bushes, streams of water, some views and so much more, Monticello Trail offers a ton of variety! If you’re a plant person, big on greens and browns in your photographs or love a moody look/feel, this is the place for you!

  • Carter Mountain

    Ahhhh! I LOVE Carter Mountain! The views are SPECTACULAR! Offering a view of Charlottesville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Endless amounts of Bold Rock, DELICIOUS donuts, apple picking in the fall, along with hayrides, live music every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer and the list goes on. Not only is this place great for engagement photos, it’s awesome for date night as well! It’s definitely worth scheduling a sunset session here and enjoying everything Carter Mountain has to offer.

  • Darden Towe

    Darden Towe, one of my favorite go-to locations for some nice relaxation. This location is great for a more intimate feel. Darden Towe, like Monticello has a lovely trail, but this trail leads you all the way to Riverview Park with the Rivanna flowing next to the trail! We also have full access to the Rivanna at Darden to hold one another, dance, and steal kisses in the river. If you’re feeling super adventurous and want moody, romantic and intimate images, Darden is the place for you! Just keep in mind that we will play in the water and your clothes will get wet! (:

  • Blue Ridge Parkway

    I am super biased when it comes to the parkway! The parkway is the reason I fell in love with Charlottesville, it’s the place my husband and I eloped and a place I enjoy going to for peace, solitude and reflection… it’s also quite scenic, which is the very reason why it wouldn’t hurt to consider creating lasting memories here. The views speak for themselves and there are plenty of locations to capture the images you want while adding variety to your gallery. If you choose this location and want a dreamy/magical feel to your photos, sunrise or sunset is the way to go and wear something that will flow with the wind! (:

  • Downtown Mall

    Last but not least, the downtown mall located in the heart of Charlottesville, VA is a really fun place to capture the true essence of your relationship! This location is pretty versatile and can capture several different emotions! If you’re playful and quirky, there are tons of shops to explore and photograph that part of your love. If you are intimate and romantic, the brick buildings and overall environment of the mall will help portray that in your images. If you want a chill vibe because that best describes who you are as a couple, the Downtown Mall has plenty of bookstores and outdoor seating as well as the delicious gelato from Splendora’s that we can capture! So many options offering tons of diversity and creativity!

    So now that you have a few ideas to help you plan your engagement session, head over to the homepage and scroll to the contact form so we can plan the rest of your adventurous session! See you soon! (: