How Yoga Changed My Life And Can Change Yours Too!!


Do you struggle with being present during family time or feeling like you don’t have time to devote to yourself? Do you feel like your thoughts are scattered and often thinking about what’s going to happen next? Is your body feeling a bit stiff, only allowing minimal movement? Well, same! That was me before I started practicing yoga. Beginning in January 2018, my life completely changed…here’s how:

It was three days after Christmas, when my husband, Malcolm and I visited his side of the family. Malcolm had just begun his studies for Step 1, and I was focusing on building my business…so we had a lot of free time lol.

As we brought in the New Year, I was in a really dark place, dealing with deep depression while grieving the loss of my aunt, who was more of a second mother to me.

My mother-in-law, who so happens to also be an amazing yoga teacher at Shabach Yoga Studio in Waldorf, Maryland, invited us to her class. It was the very last day on our visit before we traveled home.


Now, when I say that I could have cried after her class, I really mean it! There was a feeling of euphoria that felt unfamiliar. The feeling was so inspiring that I wanted to continue to make a positive change in my life. This class was the light at the end of my tunnel.


A few days later, after weeks of having the urge to cut my hair off, I did it! I purchased a few relatable poetry books, bought a new yoga mat, created a zen room, followed tons of awesome yogis on IG, journaled, listened to A LOT of sza (so grateful for her and her music), started to eat healthier, and all of this was done in between hours and hours of mediation and asanas…D A I L Y! I loved it and slowly started to evolve and transform to be the woman I’ve always dreamt of being.

Since the start of this journey, I have become more self -aware, self-compassionate, mindful, confident, flexible, as well as physically stronger. I practice self love and I started to care more about my health due to the simple fact that I started caring for myself.

From childhood leading up to the day I decided to make a change, I had very few tools to use to keep me even semi-grounded, but I still struggled with who I was as a person and knowing I needed to change. Lacking resources due to my fear of not meeting the expectations of others, I pushed my thoughts and feelings to the side and just kept being the person I was expected to be. I can say that through my practice, I have found my voice, and I am thrilled to embrace this change!

My practice, like me, is ever evolving. There’s not going to be a day where I wake up and say “AHA! I’ve mastered the practice of yoga and there’s nothing else for me to learn” because that is just simply not true. Your practice is your practice for a reason and it is all about what feels right to you! We go through so many stages in our lives that it would be more challenging to stay stagnant than to embrace the change.

All it really takes to start your practice is acceptance of who you are and where your body is at, compassion for yourself and the way your body moves, appreciation for showing up on the mat and five minutes! Five minutes to be by yourself in silence, exploring how you feel. Five minutes to practice one sun salutation. It can even be five minutes of journaling or learning about the ancient practice. If you can take five minutes out of each day for a week and increase the time week by week, you will then realize that you’re on a journey!  Leave a comment below sharing your experience with yoga if you’ve ever tried it. If you haven’t, would you consider it?